Baggage Recycle Scheme

Join us at the Baggage Factory in a push to recycle of items of luggage, bags or any other item you no longer have a use for by donating them to a local charity store. In return Baggage Factory will reward you with a £5.0 e-gift voucher which you can use anytime you purchase on-line with us or at one of our stores.

We all know it makes sense to recycle things we no longer have a use for. It clears out space we can use for other things, helps others by providing your favorite local charity with stock to raise money, keeps waste down and of course it makes us feel good. We all have busy life styles and we recognize that sending old items back to us causes inconvenience, costs money and takes up precious time. So we have made our recycle scheme really simple and easy to take part-in.

How the scheme works: As you progress to the check out stage of your on-line order you will be asked if you want to take part in the recycle scheme. When you opt to take part you will be asked to provide the following

  • The local charity you’re pledging an item to
  • The town in which the local charity shop is located
  • The item or items you are pledging to the charity

We do not check to see if you have made you item donation – we know you will and trust you to do so. As pledges to the scheme build up we will publish some figures showing how the donations are going by charity and location so that you can see how your involvement has helped. If you are a member of a local charity organization and you are reading this, please let as many other members know so that they also can contribute and receive a small reward. We will be extending this scheme in due course to allow you to pledge your £5.00 reward to a nominated charity. If you are looking to raise funds for any charity event or organization please let us know. We will periodically select and promote a particular charity or fund raising event so it is important that you speak to us if you want us to help. In the first instance please e-mail and let us know what you have in mind. Thank you for reading this through and in anticipation of your purchase from us and your pledge to donate something locally to your chosen charity. Enjoy your purchase, stay green and strive to help others via the Baggage Factory recycle scheme.