Salse Delux

Salsa Deluxe extends the universally successful Salsa range of cases to a higher quality luxurious level. The external casings are made of high quality polycarbonate and the insides are very plush. Each case is equipped with state of the art technology and innovative detail. An ingenious addition to this range is the “add a bag” holder which is integrated into the case shell. The suiters have a two chamber design making them very spacious and the interior includes a garment bag with an integrated shirt pocket. Included in the range are the salsa deluxe hybrids. These cases represent a new generation of exclusive luggage with their innovative combination of strong polycarbonate and robust fabric construction. The hybrid cases have spacious front pockets for storing items you want easy access to on your trip. Cases have built in stage-less telescopic handles which can be set to any height, TSA locking mechanisms that are built into the case shells and smooth action wheel systems to provide you with easy stress free mobility. A range of attractive and fashionable colours are available including black, brown, seal grey and orient red. Business, Travel, Suiters and Hybrid cases to accommodate most needs are available. A 5 year manufacturer guarantee is included