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BRIC’S RAVENNA Cabin Trolley 55cm
The Ravenna Collection cabin trolley features a bright colour and is made of polypropylene, a lightweight and durable material. The opening has a double-slider zipper, embellished with a tone-on-tone finish. The TSA padlock is integrated. The four wheels are silent...
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BRIC’S RAVENNA Medium Trolley 69cm
A beautiful and elegant outer design has been combined with an exceptionally easy to use functionality to create the Bric’s Ravenna Hard Side collection. This Medium sized Suitcase offers an abundance of features, all enclosed within a stunning exterior which...
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BRIC’S RAVENNA Large Trolley 79cm
This Large Suitcase comes from the Bric’s Ravenna collection and has been made from a super high quality and hard-wearing Polypropylene outer material. Polypropylene provides a secure and tough outer shell, which weighs very little and as such the Ravenna...
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